Football Party Plates (8pk)

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Get in the Game!

These large sturdy plates will perfectly fit your Tailgate Party needs. High quality and sure to hold up against big burgers, bbq, and more! These can serve as large plates or platters for small items. Get creative with this versatile item!  Get extra points at your next big party with these fun Touchdown Time Oval Plates. You won't have to worry about fumbles making a mess with these sturdy plates. These plates will match perfectly with your decorations for any big game, from Bowl games to rivalries and from college football to professional football. 

Football Large Plates

• Quantity: Set of 8 Platters
• Size: Buffet, 10" X 12" Diameter
• Material: Sturdy Paper Plates

Perfect for themes such as: It's Game Time, Kick Off Birthday, Touchdown Birthday, 1st Year Down, Super Bowl, and Tailgate Parties